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ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2K English <-> Korean Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe NTL-2K English <-> Korean Talking 2-way Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary

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Category: Talking bilingual dictionary expandable to include over 50 language combinations
Language pair: English <-> English, English <-> Korean, Korean <-> English
Speech: English and Korean for the Dictionary; English and Korean for the PhraseBook

The ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe is the world's most sophisticated and elegant multilingual travel, translation, and language learning handheld ever made. A unique combination of the most advanced solutions for international communication ever invented, iTRAVL is designed to help you succeed anywhere you go. Whether you are at the airport, dealing with foreign partners, or visiting a doctor or restaurant, iTRAVL lets you get more from every trip you take by providing the tools you need for perfect understanding and effective communication.

Complete. iTRAVL Deluxe, which is based on its Military predecessor - SpeechGuard - contains the largest amount of linguistic resources ever assembled in a single device and features everything you could possibly need when traveling abroad. The strikingly beautiful design that features a crystal-clear, hi-resolution color touch screen, our most user-friendly and customizable interface yet, and unsurpassed voice navigation makes finding the information you need on the go easy and fast.

Understanding. Helping to understand the world around you, a unique combination of Mobile Infotainment Software for those who travel by car or train to work every day, Language Teacher Speech Recognition and Speech Analysis software with Machine Translation modules which translate entire texts at the click of the button* you have everything needed to get a head start on learning or translating any language. A Speech Recognition-based Audio PhraseBook with native-speaker voice output means that your iTRAVL Deluxe understands exactly what you say and pronounces a translation back in the language of your choice. Not only can you translate single words with our largest built-in dictionary, and utilize the useful phrases, but with the included Ectaco/C-Pen handheld scanner and convenient iTRAVL desktop Cradle you can also grab entire texts from wherever you find them - in a newspaper, on a theatre program, a doctor's prescription or even from a poster on the wall - scan it, upload it to the iTRAVL instantly, and get a translation into your chosen language right away! In addition, with the help of the included mini-USB to USB adapter and ECTACO software (sold separately) you can use the Ectaco/C-Pen to import image data to any desktop or laptop PC for further recognition.

Indispensable. The travel resources contained within the iTRAVL provide everything you need to make every trip you take more enjoyable. The inclusion of the unique iHELP utility even offers instant assistance in both emergency and frequently encountered situations when you speak short, simple voice commands. In addition, the inclusion of the world-renowned Fodor's Travel Guide provides you with maps for your destination as well as detailed information on local transportation, the best restaurants and hotels, and suggestions for the top local attractions in 50 of the world's most popular cities. In addition, the pre-installed CIA World Factbook means that you will also have complete information on 180 countries at your fingertips from one of the world's most respected sources.

Unique. Unlike cheap imitations, iTRAVL Deluxe will never end up at the bottom of your desk drawer gathering dust. Both before and after your trip, the included Language Teacher and Mobile Infotainment System, with its unique combination of speech recognition, voice output, speech analysis and evaluation procedures, helps you learn a new language in less than the time it takes to fly to your destination. Once you return home you can continue to improve your language skills or use it to communicate with non-English speaking housekeepers or construction workers. It's also great for speaking with visiting business partners and foreign family members. Language learning games include FlashCards, Language Pockets, Translation Test and Spell-It-Right. A new addition - the Linguistic Crossword Puzzle - help anyone build their language and memory skills quickly and enjoyably.

Extras. Designed to keep you informed and entertained on any trip you take, iTRAVL Deluxe is your irreplaceable travel and language assistant. With pre-loaded Travel Audio Books that give you special insight into some of the world's most famous and popular sights and cultural notes to help you understand local customs, you'll be able to fit in wherever you go. In addition to everything you need to get your message across in any situation, iTRAVL Deluxe includes a number of general use applications that make organizing your life - whether at home or abroad - more effective. Including a daily Calendar, a robust Audio Player, a Voice Recorder, a Multilingual Talking Calculator, plus Tasks and Notepad utilities, you will now be more organized than ever before with all the information you need when traveling and working in the palm of your hand.

iTRAVL Deluxe offers all of the following advanced features:

Design and Connectivity

  • Unsurpassed hi-tech design

  • Crystal-clear hi-resolution color touch screen

  • Ectaco/C-Pen handheld scanner that scans from any surface

  • iTRAVL Cradle for desktop connectivity, battery charging and connection to Ectaco/C-Pen

  • Instant PC connectivity

Linguistic Resources

  • Built-in English explanatory dictionaries

  • Unlimited speech functionality

  • Built-in Multilingual Speech Recognition function

  • Hands Free/Eye Free Mobile Infotainment System for learning languages in the car, on a train, while you workout or when walking the dog.

  • Speech Recognition Audio PhraseBook that understands what you say and speaks its translations aloud

  • Language Teacher system to let you begin speaking another language immediately

  • The industry's largest translating Talking Dictionary

  • Princeton WordNet Dictionary with definitions for more than 70,000 English words

  • Language-learning games including FlashCards, Language Pockets, Translation Test and Spell-It-Right.

  • Linguistic Crossword Puzzle for memorizing meaning, pronunciation and the correct spelling of words

Travel Modules

  • Fodor's Travel Guide offers up-to-date information on 50 of the most popular destinations

  • CIA World Factbook supplies complete statistics on 180 countries

  • iHELP gives you immediate access to frequently used and emergency phrases

  • Size and Metric conversion utilities and a Talking Calculator let you keep track of just how much you are spending

  • Cultural notes let you make a good first impression


  • Travel Audio Books to keep you entertained and informed

  • The included Audio Player lets you enjoy your favorite media files wherever you go

  • A Voice Recorder helps you to keep notes and record information on the move

  • Calendar, Tasks, and Notepad utilities let you keep track of appointments and the things you need to do

The ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe package comes complete with the ECTACO iTRAVL handheld, the ECTACO/C-Pen Scanner, an SD card which contains the dedicated linguistic content of the device plus everything you need to get started including a rechargeable battery, a cradle for PC connection and charging, and the Ectaco/C-Pen connection.

In addition there are a number of accessories that are available to help you get the most out of the advanced features of your iTRAVL Deluxe including a Car Infotainment Pack, a Travel Accessories Pack and numerous individual items such as headphones, carry straps, microphones, silicone pouches and additional SD Cards featuring the various different ECTACO iTRAVL Linguistic and Travel modules for different language combinations.

Deluxe version comes with hands free/eye free Car Infotainment System to learn languages during driving.

One of the modules in the iTRAVL Deluxe is called "Car Infotainment System". User sets the device at dashboard, connects over-the-head microphone to the iTRAVL and follows the learning curve generated by device. The speech analyzing software processes user's speech and grades it as Good, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.

Then iTRAVL speaks out the sets of words or phrases and user is offered to pick the right one, and so on.

Current course consists of 7 topics: Time, Hotel, Restaurant, Foodstuffs, Transport, Shopping and General Phrases with various subtopics.

Make your journey as enjoyable as your destination with the new iTRAVL Deluxe!


 Vocabulary434,000 words
  VoiceKorean, English
  Speech recognition Korean, English
  Commonly used phrases 14,000 phrases
  Travel guide
  DisplayTFT LCD (320x240 pixels)
  Screen backlight
  Headphones jack
  PC connection
  AC adapter jack
  Batteries (included)Li-Polymer rechargeable 
  Dimensions (WxDxH)6.0x3.15x0.63 in
  Weight7.05 oz (200 gm)
  Support MP3
Value pack
  1 year warranty
  Bonus & demo SW
  Slim case 
  Advanced search
  Instant reverse translation
  Irregular verbs
  New word recording
  Electronic grammar book
  Add new dictionary
  Math calculator
  Engineer calculator
  Currency conversion
  Metric conversion
  Daily alarm



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